Rosa floribunda 'Pretty Lady'

This is one of my favourite roses. She forms quite a large, wide bush and is covered in flowers all season. They start tight and truly as beautiful as any hybrid tea, then move through a more generous bloom with yellow stamens and then blow into a whitey pink smash which stays on the plant for a good long time. A cluster in each of the different stages is a glorious sight to behold - and she smells fantastic - much better than billed (but I have a keen nose). She could only be better if her foliage was a little darker green and a little glossier but her mid green leaves seems to suit her mid pink petals very well.

Additional Info

  • Name: Rosa
  • Type: floribunda
  • Variety: 'Pretty Lady'
  • Colour: Pale pink
  • Bed: Pink
  • Failed: No
  • Year: 2008