Cercidiphyllum 'Rotfuchs' (Red fox)

This is supposedly a rare form of the tree and I am very sorry that it failed with me and I had to remove it but it did very little. It had dark purple leaves that went caramel coloured and smelled of caramel if you crushed them but it just looked like a spindly nothing in the red bed. I don't have enough space for plants that won't thrive. I gave it four years which I think is enough. Its best performance was on the fire keeping me warm one night this winter. RIP. I think the more basic Cercis are a better choice and one may appear in the garden soon.

Additional Info

  • Name: Cercidiphyllum
  • Variety: 'Rotfuchs'
  • Colour: Purple leaves
  • Bed: Hot
  • Failed: Yes
  • Year: 2008-2012